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Battle For Rokugan
Battle For Rokugan
Battle For Rokugan

Battle For Rokugan

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If You Like: Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Total War: Samurai, Game of Thrones but with less friends

Player Count: Competitive

Complexity Rating: 3 - Heavy

Average Playtime: 60-90 Minutes

Battle for Rokugan puts players in the roles of Daimyo (Super Cool Japan Lords) of the Great Clans fighting for territory. The Daimyo deploy forces to gain control of provinces, which earn them honour and spread their influence across the land. Powerful magics surge across the land, forces clash, and the fates of all clans hang in the balance! Rokugan is a land filled with spirits, beauty, and strife. In Battle for Rokugan, each player leads a clan by taking the role of a Daimyo, who must make military decisions that anticipate their opponents’ moves. Scouts and shugenja—priests and priestesses who serve the kami of the land—are sent forth to assist the daimyo by gathering information and destroying enemy forces. Such resources are limited, however, so the daimyo must call upon their services wisely. On the battlefield, the clan’s forces clash with enemy forces to control territories, as well as defend the lands their Daimyo has already claimed. Each daimyo also seeks to bring honour to their clan by achieving a secret objective. And through it all, dark forces dwelling in the Shadowlands whisper of power beyond imagining...for a price. Strength, cunning, strategy, and wisdom pave the path to success in Battle for Rokugan. The land is there for the taking!