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If You Like: Ticket To Ride: Lord Of the Rings Edition, Collecting Orcs.

Player Count: Competitive for 2-6 Players

Complexity Rating: 2 - Mild

Average Playtime: 45-60 Minutes

Ethnos is a mythical realm filled with creatures big and small. As the last Age ended, war and revolt left the inhabitants without someone to lead them into their future. Giants, Dwarves, Elves, and Centaurs have not traditionally gotten along, but a leader is a diplomat as much as a warrior. Now, you’ll have to bring the residents of Ethnos together under one rule. Over the course of three Ages, you will gather followers and convince them to band together to conquer the six Kingdoms.

There are twelve tribes of fantasy creatures within Ethnos, of which around half are chosen at the start of the game to draft decks. Players begin the game with one card in their hand. Face-up cards are available in the middle on the table. On each turn, players can recruit or play a card. Each player starts the game with one card in hand, then X cards (double the number of players) are placed face up on the table. On your turn you either:

1. Pick up a card. (Either take a face-up card or the top card of the deck and add to your hand).

2. Play a card. (Choose a set of cards in your hand that match in either tribe or colour, play them and then discard the other cards in your hand. Then, you plant tokens in the region that match the colour of the top card just played, and you use the power).

Scoring occurs in three ages, and then whoever has the most glory at the end of the last age wins, which varies depending on the number of players).