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If You Like: Spiteful Inflation, You Only Bid Once

Player Count: Competitive for 2-6 Players

Complexity Rating: 1 - Light

Average Playtime: 60 Minutes

In Medici, players take turns spending points to bid on sets of cards. Cards denote a certain type of good, and a numerical value. Each turn, the current player flips over one to three cards for all players to bid on, with the highest bid taking all cards. However, players can only ever bid once on a set of cards. The round ends when each player's cargo are full, or the commodity card deck is exhausted. After each round, points are awarded to each player having the most of a given commodity, and to the one with the most valuable total "cargo load". The player with the most points at the end of three rounds is the winner. You are buyers for different merchant houses in the competitive, but profitable age of the infamous Medici family. Ships sail throughout the Mediterranean and beyond in search of rare and valuable merchandise and profitable markets for the goods you buy. Every day you go to the wholesale market where you must compete with other buyers for the merchandise available that day. There you expect to find lush furs, grain from the rich fields abroad, exotic spices, colourful dyes, the finest cloth, and, rarely, gold from mines far across the waters...