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If You Like: Seppuku, Coolest light armor, katanas

Player Count: Competitive for 2-4 Players

Complexity Rating: 2 - Mild

Average Playtime: 30-60 Minutes

From Board Game Geek: Players compete to gain the favor of three factions: samurai, peasants, and priests, which are represented by helmet, rice paddy, and Buddha figures scattered about the board, which features the islands of Japan. The competition is waged through the use of hexagonal tiles, each of which help curry favor of one of the three factions — or all three at once! Players can make lightning-quick strikes with horseback ronin and ships or approach their conquests more methodically. As each figure (helmets, rice paddies, and Buddhas) is surrounded, it is awarded to the player who has gained the most favor with the corresponding group.

Gameplay continues until all the symbols of one type have been removed from the board or four figures have been removed from play due to a tie for influence. At the end of the game, players compare captured symbols of each type, competing for majorities in each of the three types. Ties are not uncommon and are broken based on the number of other, "non-majority" symbols each player has collected.

The year is 1336. Japan’s emperor has lost all authority and is little more than a figurehead. Across the country, powerful lords known as daimyo rise up to claim dominion over the land and its resources. Amid the upheaval, there is one constant: the samurai. As one of the daimyo, you know the true path to power lies with these elite, noble warriors. In Samurai, your goal is to draw samurai to your side and exert your control over the land. But this will not be easy. No single daimyo has ever managed to unify the samurai. Even now, samurai flock to rival lords who strive to consolidate their own power. To succeed where so many others have failed, you must do something innovative. Prove you have the wisdom to garner the esteem of the samurai and you will unite a nation.