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Scythe: Legendary Box

Scythe: Legendary Box

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If You Like: Bison Cavalry, Prius the Hybrid Car, Mechanics

Player Count: Competitive for 2-5 Players. Solo Mode available.

Complexity Rating: 3 - Heavy

Average Playtime: 60-115 Minutes

The Scythe Legendary Box is designed to hold the Scythe core game plus all expansions (present and future), accessories, and promos. It features a dual-layered bottom half and a top that is the exact same dimensions as all other Scythe tops, allowing backers and fans of the original top to use it interchangeably with the new top.

The Legendary Box does not include any game components, it contains 3 large tuckboxes for storing tokens, cards, and other loose pieces. Because the Legendary box is the same dimensions (length and width) of all other Scythe boxes, all custom inserts fit perfectly inside of it.

The Legendary Box includes:

• 1 giant box
• 3 tuckboxes