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If You Like: Reverse-reverse psychology-ing your friends pre-reversed psychology, Playing with beer coasters.

Player Count: Competitive for 3-6 Players

Complexity Rating: 1 - Light

Average Playtime: 45 Minutes

Skull was a sneakily simple bluffing game originating from the early 1900s. Later, it became rediscovered and was popular amongst bikie gangs, and was referred to as "Skulls and Roses".

Skull is a near-perfect game of bluffing and deduction, where the game is rather a set of rules and the elements are your friends. Every player starts with 3 roses and a Skull in their hand. On each round, every player places a face-down card. The current player taking their turn can then add another card on top or begin a bid on the number of flowers present on the board that he can flip over (once someone places a bid, you can no longer add any more cards). Players can then either pass or try outbid the current bid.

This continues until everyone passes the current bid, and then the highest bidder must flip that number of cards to reveal flowers, depleting his own pile first. If he reveals the right amount of roses, he wins one point. If he reveals a Skull belonging to anybody (including himself) he loses the round and then has to discard one of his cards. Two points win you the game.