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If You Like: Beating around the bush to explain a thing

Player Count: Teams for 4-10 Players

Complexity Rating: 1 - Light

Average Playtime: 20 Minutes

Has anyone told you that your vocabulary needs an update? Well Taboo can help with that. You'll either be thinking of innovative ways to describe a particular word or you'll frustrated that the timer had run out while your friends are confused if you can speak the English language. Taboo is a party word game where players have to describe a word, name or phrase to their team without using gestures and 5 common words or phrases written on the card. The opposing team sets the timer and buzzes in when a 'taboo' word is used. Each correct guess will earn the team 1 point while each pass, gesture made (if strict) and taboo word said will ent the opposing team 1 point. Highest scoring team wins!