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Whitehall Mystery

Whitehall Mystery

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If You Like: Tom & Jerry but instead of the mouse it's Jack the Ripper

Player Count: Teams for 1-4 Players

Complexity Rating: 2 - Mild

Average Playtime: 45-60 Minutes

"In 1888, construction of the New Scotland Yard in London’s Whitehall District comes to a screeching halt when a woman’s torso is left on the police’s doorstep. Though somewhat out of character with the most recent wave of brutal murders, the grisly nature of the crime can only mean one thing: Jack the Ripper has returned. This time, the killer emerges with a new game of cat-and-mouse as he plans to leave four more limbs in unknown locations throughout the city. The New Scotland Yard must reach beyond their precinct to assemble a new team of experts to hunt down the monster and bring him to justice. This may be the investigators’ last chance to capture the murderer before he slips away forever."


Whitehall Mystery is a fast-paced strategic game played over four rounds filled with narrow escapes and close calls as Jack searches for new places to deposit his victims' limbs and the Investigators seek to stop him. Before the game commences, the Jack the Ripper player secretly chooses and records four Discovery Locations where he will leave body parts for the police to find; one as his starting point, then three he must reach during the game’s three rounds. Once Jack has planned his ghastly crime, the hunt begins. Each round takes place over a series of turns, with Jack first making a move and then the Investigators responding. The round ends when Jack has either made fifteen moves or has reached a new Discovery Location.

The first step of each round starts with Jack the Ripper as he prowls Whitehall’s streets toward the ideal place to leave his victim’s next limb, then disappearing before he can be captured. Jack escapes by following the streets of London from one Discovery Location to the next, all while avoiding the police on his trail. To accomplish this task, Jack may use Special Movement tiles representing alleys, coaches, and newly added boats to navigate between Investigators with his ghastly cargo.

After Jack moves about Whitehall, the Investigators begin their hunt by first consulting, then dispersing throughout the city to cover as much ground as possible. Investigators will want to discuss options with each other before heading out into the city as, the more information they share, the better equipped they will be to ensnare Jack before he disappears into London’s labyrinthine alleyways. Once divided, the Investigators may either look for clues or make an arrest. The pressure is on for players to gather as much information as possible in an attempt to deduce Jack’s location and his next target. If they fail to capture the Ripper by the end of the round, the killer might announce that he has reached a new Discovery Location and leave his pursuers another frightful souvenir. However, if Jack he can reach all four Discovery Locations over the course of three rounds without being captured, he ensures his place in history as London’s most infamous criminal and wins the game.